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If You Think Your Instructors Are Fun In Class, You Should See Them At A Party!
It’s Different, Safe, and Fun!
Give your child a party that they will never forget!
Imagine, who better to help celebrate your child’s birthday than the fun and outrageous instructors here at the Black Belt Academy. I’m sure you have seen the energy and enthusiasm our instructors put into their Karate classes, now imagine that energy mixed with the fun and entertainment of a birthday party. It will be one of the most thrilling and entertaining birthdays your family has ever experienced.

What does all of this cost? A lot less than you might imagine, certainly a lot less than other birthday party services in the area.

The Black Belt Academy offers your child and his or her friends a chance to experience a different kind of birthday party. We call it the “Karate Party.” The cost for the party is $200. This includes:
  • Personalized invitations mailed for you!
  •  Reminder Postcards mailed to all guests
  •  RSVP calls handled by our staff
  •  Unlimited number of guests
  •  90 Minutes of fun activities and games
  •  A Black Belt Instructor
  •  Complete personalized invitations
  •  All guests receive a gift pack valued at $239!
  •  Spacious party room
  •  Pizza
  •  Drinks (juice drinks & water)
  •  All paper products, table settings, etc.
All you need to bring is the Cake and Candles!
What do you need to do?
Basically, all you do is just show up. In order to reserve a space for your child's birthday party, we only need a 50% security deposit ($100) and the list of all guests to be invited; including their name, address, and phone number. 

You can reserve a party by speaking with Mr. Stanford at (419) 872-7599, or via e-mail at

Can we just hand out the invitations?
At the Black Belt Academy, we have been hosting birthday parties for years. We have found that families that simply hand out invitations only get about 5-7 kids for every 20 invitations HANDED out. That kind of turnout is always a little disappointing for the birthday boy/girl. However, we have become experts at getting kids to show up at birthday parties. What do we do?
  • 3 weeks from your child's birthday party, we mail all the invitations
  • 2 Weeks from the party, we mail reminder postcards
  • 1 Week from the party, instructors give reminder calls to all guests and confirm RSVP's
On average, we can get more than twice as many kids to show up at your child’s birthday party than if you mail or hand them out yourself.

What if my child doesn’t have many friends?
If your child doesn’t have many friends, this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for them to make new friends! We have had excellent results by inviting the birthday boy/girl’s entire class from school (after all, the party is for an unlimited number, you may invite as many kids as you want.) This way your child gets a chance to make new friends at their birthday party. Better yet, your child gets to be the “star” of the party; assisting the instructor, acting as the role model, and choosing all the games for the day.
Best of all, you don't have to clean up anything!
Here’s what other people have to say about the exciting parties we offer:
“We had a wonderful time! The party was well planned, with fun learning activities for the children. Best of all, there was NO cleanup on our part afterward! We highly recommend it!” 
                                ~Sam & Sharon Scamardo

“I would have to say it was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. One of the parents I spoke with later told me her daughter said it was the best birthday party she has ever been to. I would recommend a karate birthday at the Black Belt Academy for anyone.”
                                                                                                                               ~Shelley James

“The kids all had a great time. Two months later, some of the kids are still talking about the fun they had. It couldn't have been better!!”
                                                                                                                               ~Terri Hilt

“The party was a blast for both the kids and the parents. We loved that we didn’t have to do anything except bring a cake. The karate party wasn’t just fun for the boys, the girls loved it too!”
                                                                                                                               ~Tammy Mikesell
You can reserve a party by speaking with Mr. Stanford at (419) 872-7599, or via e-mail at
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